Maple and Ginger Chewnamis


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(with Kombu [kelp], Laminaria Setchellii)

Nibbles are bite-sized pieces made with the same delicious ingredients we put into our Chewnami Bars. Kombu is one of the most nutrient-rich food on the planet. When combined with sesame seeds, Nibbles are rich in calcium, fucoidan, iodine, protein, omega 3’s, minerals and sodium alginates (see kombu, below). Our Nibbles packages are 3 oz.

Maple Chewnami Nibbles: Organic with real maple syrup! Sesame seeds, kelp flakes (kombu), rice syrup, maple syrup. Toasted

Ginger Chewnami Nibbles: Organic ingredients, sweet and gingery! Sesame seeds, kelp flakes (kombu), rice syrup, maple syrup, ginger, vanilla and zingy cayenne pepper. Toasted

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