About Us

Rising Tide Sea Vegetables harvests, packages, and sells seaweed for cooking and snacking.

Company Motto
Our company motto is, “healthy for you, healthy for the planet.””

Mission Statement
To responsibly harvest, package, and sell premium quality health food products while minimizing our impact on the environment. We pursue our goal by sustainably wildcrafting our sea vegetables, by utilizing recyclable packaging when possible, by minimizing our carbon footprint through a regional sale focus, and by offering exceptional, personalized service.

Company Overview
Rising Tide Sea Vegetables is an environmentally and socially responsible harvester, producer/processor, importer, and distributor of sea vegetables and seaweed snacks.

We have been in business since 1981, and thrive by offering the highest quality and value. The current product line includes seventeen locally harvested and produced items, four domestically purchased items, and six internationally contract-packaged items.

In addition to selling direct to the public via our website, we sell through a variety of local and regional specialty health food and co-op stores.

Management Team

Owner, Business Manager and Sea Vegetable Harvester: Larry Knowles
Larry co-managed Rising Tide Sea Vegetables from 1995 to 2006. During that time, he put in place critical physical and Human Resource infrastructure as well as techniques and tool systems enabling increased harvest, storage volume, and packaging. He became proprietor with his wife Erica Fielder in 2006. Now, he manages harvesters during the five-month harvest season, develops new products, and sets goals to increase sales. Larry also oversees Chubby’s Shared-Use Commercial Kitchen where we create premium culinary seaweed products, and delicious seaweed snacks.

Larry’s vision for Rising Tide is to maintain a sustainable business that supports the health and vitality of Rising Tide’s patrons, while carefully monitoring coastal ecosystems to ensure a sustainable harvest. Since 2000 he has participated in developing and maintaining standards for the Marine Life Protection Act that extends from southern Mendocino County to the Oregon border.On his time off he loves to free dive along the Mendocino Coast, Kayak Surf, backpack with his lovely wife Erica, as well as educate folks about the wonders of the ocean ecosystem we depend on.

Office Manager: Daryl Fink
With a B.S. in business administration, Daryl brings years of retail experience in both sales and management. He keeps office functions organized and flowing smoothly so when you call in your order, you’ll receive great customer care. He grew up in and around the Sacramento valley, coming to the Mendocino coast in 2010. On days off, he can be found enjoying the natural beauty found everywhere in Mendocino county: from the majestic mountain ranges to the spectacular coastline.

Owner, Artistic Director: Erica Fielder
Erica has a MFA in fine art as well as extensive education in graphic design and natural history. She creates Rising Tide’s look and feel: logo, package labels, education materials, and presentations. Erica is founder and owner of Erica Fielder Studio, a firm that has created educational, artistic interpretive displays for parks and preserves throughout the U.S. and overseas for more than 30 years. When not working, she backpacks, sea kayaks, and teaches about wildlife with her husband, Larry Knowles.